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 tpot-graphic-251x300We are very pleased to introduce the Probos interactive to you, our innovative computer interactive harnesses Haptic computer technology to create a really sensational interactive. Haptics enables users to touch digitised objects in a virtual three-dimensional environment. Please have a look at our video below made at the launch of Probos at Manchester Museum.



Probos is the first commercial system which enables people to virtually touch museum objects.  The objects  have been digitised and are presented with multimedia information which helps us to personally connect with the object, learn more about its shape and characteristics as well as why it was made, what it is made from etc. We want the user of this system to touch & discover and find out more about an object, this is not the normal experience in a museum as most things are for display only, occasionally you can touch or hold an object or replica and learn about it from a facilitator. This system allows you to touch precious and rare objects which are unlikely to be handled in the normal way and at the same time have a virtual curator on hand to tell you about the object. By creating a new interactive platform that has full multimedia capability and is intuitive and engaging, we can also address other learning scenarios such as special training, rehabilitation, edutainment activities, commercial exhibitions and new product showcasing so not only just in museums. Our systems are developed to be robust so they can be used by everyone aged 8 to 80 including people who have visual and hearing impairment, everybody who can hold the controller can gain from the experience, touch in a fully 3D environment can be now used to improve access and develop new audiences. It’s not touch screen its touch object!  

Our aim is to develop this new platform so that it will enable access to our growing digital archive, museum collections, 3D educational  applications and to create an online portal so that content can be accessed anywhere in the world. The systems are planned to be used in museums, galleries, schools and colleges as well as on outreach learning programs, libraries and resource centres, adding value and providing a new beneficial engaging experience.